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June 1

Sunset Ridge Golf Club, Maine - Thanks to Mike Smith and the team at Sunset ridge for a great first course!  Had a great morning playing at a nice course and golfing with first time golfer, Doug Welsh.  

Brookstone Park, New Hampshire - Great par 3 course in Derry, New Hampshire.  Complete with 9 holes of beautiful golf, a practice facility and putt-putt, brookstone park was a great place to complete the first day of 50 OVER.  Turtles, blue herons, and gooslings even joined up to play a hole or two.

June 2

Stamford Valley Golf, Vermont - With bald eagles circling overhead, us and course owner, Mark Lawrence, had a great morning playing golf in Green Mountain national park.  On the par 5, 4th hole, Jack recorded the first birdie of the trip.

Green Hill, Massachusettes - Green Hill was a beautiful municipal course in the heart of Massachusetts.  A good round, beautiful deer, and lots of great northeastern scenery makes for some great footage!

June 3

Button Hole Golf Club, Rhode Island - What a course!  This wide open 9 hole par 3 offers golf for kids for $1!  After the round we met up with Leo to eat hot dogs and hear about the crime-ridden history of Providence, Rhode Island.

Pomperaug Golf Course, Connecticut - We had a great time at Pomperaug.  We talked to several characters out on the course, some who loved our idea, some who were frustrated that we took too long on the greens.  Shouts out Tommy, the assistant pro for a great interview and great hospitality.

June 4

Maple Moore Golf Course, New York - We played with Hayden's longtime friend Guthrie in New York, just north of the city.  Guthrie was a hilarious addition to the crew as he and Hayden had a riveting game of best ball against Jack

Hamilton Trails Golf Course, New Jersey - We played with Jacks friend, Jack and Hayden got his first birdie ever by sticking it 2 feet from the pin!  We slept in Atlantic City and walked on the boardwalk, unsuccessfully trying to sneak in to abandoned casinos.

June 5

Garrisons Lake Golf, Deleware - Deleware hit us hard after a night out in Atlantic city.  We were feeling the fatigue of 8 states in 4 days however we made our way through the round and Garrison's Lake was a great course, probably our most challenging yet!

Mitchells Golf Complex, Maryland - Our Maryland stop turned out to be a hidden gem!  This executive course offered some great holes and a groundhog crawling around the 5th hole.  Also home to the longest putt-putt course on the east coast.

June 6

Sliding Rock Golf Course, Pennsylvania - Our first one-course-a-day day!  And it was quite the stop!  We played a great round with course manager, John, and got a tour from Martha of the clubhouse/house including their 2 cats.

June 7

Upper Lands Down Golf Course, Ohio - We played with course superintendent, Nick.  Great guy, great course.  Heard some great stories and learned a lot about the area and the course.  They treated us with a course flag, ball, and gave Jack an R11 3 Wood!

June 8

Brier Patch, West Virginia - This nice, affordable course provided quite the entertainment for us while we waited out the rain.  If you live in West Virginia you have to go post up on the porch at Brier Patch for a while and enjoy the entertainment.

June 9

Middlesboro Country Club, Kentucky - This semi-private club was in the middle of a crater an in Middlesboro, KY provided some incredible views.  Had a great interview with the manger afterwards!

Concord Park, Tennessee - We pulled an audible and pulled a two-a-day by driving to Knoxville.  This Jr.PGA owned course provided cheap, fun golf.  Hayden got his second Birdie ever!

June 10

NO GOLF!! (Terrible day) Took the day to recover from Asheville festivities and drove to Richmond, VA

June 11

First Tee Chesterfield, Virginia - Teddy's old place of business.  We played with first time golfers Megan Corsano and Claire Anderson who got a 12 and a 9 on their first ever holes of golf, respectively!.. not bad, look out for them on the LPGA tour.

June 12

Back in Durham!  Another off day!  Jack and Teddy gave their mama some lessons at the range.

June 13

Hillandale Golf Course, North Carolina - Our home course proved to be a great time.  David Swanson, father of Hayden, and Jenny Leinbach, mother of Teddy and Jack joined us on the links!  Plus Gee and Pop (grandparents) provided the record setting smallest gallery ever!

June 14

Riverside Golf and Rec Center, South Carolina - This par 3 golf course/paddle boarding facility provided some excellent entertainment just outside Columbia.  The owner is passionate, the course is fun yet challenging and the river is a great place to dunk your head in.

June 15

Southlands Golf Course, Georgia - Our old high school teacher, Mr. Tolbert joined us to play in Georgia where he didn't waste time showing us who is the best golfer by eagling the first hole.  The owner shared some of his many million dollar ideas and Hayden plans to join forces with him after the trip as an apprentice.  

June 16

Auburn Links at Mill Creek, Alabama - This challenging course reminded us that golf is a tough sport.  The length, the woods, the heat, and the half grass/half sand greens made the round one of the toughest so far.

June 17

Golf Club of Quincy, Florida - We were charmed as soon as we walked through the doors.  The friendly staff, the free coffee, and the genuine interest made Quincy a great stop.

June 18

Pearl Municipal Golf Course, Mississippi - After teeing off, we got hit with a downpour.  We waited it out, watched the US open, played trivia, practiced our putting and then headed back to play this inexpensive, well maintained course.

June 19

Jerry Brooks Golf Course, Louisiana - This First-Tee affiliated course is great place for young kids to learn the game!  They are sponsored by David Toms and provide a fun environment to grow the game.  Colin hit a shot into the back of a moving truck and had a chip in to win the match!

Peach Tree and Oak Hurst Golf Course, Texas - Our second course of the day was a beautiful course that is also affiliated with the First Tee.  Jack beat Teddy in a round of match play and Hayden and Colin found plenty of golf balls!

June 20

Winn Mountain Golf Course, Arkansas - Perhaps our best stop yet?  We had a great time golfing this course with road runners avoiding coyotes all over the place.  After the round we had a great time talking to the owners who gave us Gatorades on the house and then saw a Zebra on the way out!

June 21

JR's Bar and Grille, Oklahoma - Such a cool stop!  The new owners lit up the course which is usually closed on Wednesdays just for us.  Then they cooked us burgers, and let us camp on the course grounds.  To top it all off they brought us breakfast in the morning!

June 22

Sim Park Golf Course, Kansas - Had a great time playing this beautiful municipal course in Wichita.  We were joined by a kettle of about 8 of Jack's favorite bird, the Mississippi Kite- what a show they put on catching insects right out of the air!!  Hayden took the win over Jack on the par-5 8th hole by sinking a clutch 20 foot putt.

June 23

Randel-Hinkle Golf Course, Missouri - After a brief delay by rain and other elements, we teed off under some periodic lightning.  Given the conditions, we played pretty quickly but nonetheless enjoyed they city owned course.  The greens were magnificent and the folks were quite nice, gifting Hayden a hat on the house.  We made our way to St. Louis afterwards where Ted and Hayden got heated played Foosball. 

June 24

St. Louis, day I - Unfortunately, we didn't make it to Moweaqua Golf Course, our Illinois stop.  Heading north on I-55, about 60 miles out of St. Louis, our sweet Vince caught on fire and burned to a crisp.  We lost golf clubs, wallets, some clothes, a computer, and other gear, but saved all the film equipment!  Crazy day, but certainly could have been worse- everyone is safe.  Hayden flew back to Durham to get a replacement vehicle and is heading back to St. Louis as soon as he can.  

June 25

St. Louis, day II - We are still here in St. Louis, all except Hayden that is.  Ted, Jack, and Colin are piecing the puzzle back together while Hayden is getting some replacement equipment in Durham and then starting a two day drive back to St. Louis. The plan is to get back on the road tomorrow and hit Moweaqua Golf Course.  The good news is we are still a few days ahead of schedule and are eager to get back on the road!

June 27

Moweaqua Golf Course, Illinois - After a brief delay in St. Louis, we're back on the road! From St. Louis we drove to Moweaqua Golf Course where we played our first round with the new clubs. Although it was our fastest round yet, we had a great time before making the haul to Columbus, Indiana, where Donna Rosenberg and her family put us up for the night!

June 28

Otter Creek Golf Course, Indiana - The next morning we played at Otter Creek Golf Course, where Ted the Director played his first full round! We enjoyed the beautiful course and were even joined by a skunk on the 9th green! From Columbus we drove to Grand Rapids, Michigan where we spend the night with friend of the film Brian.

June 29

Crestview Golf Course, Michigan - After a late arrival and early start, our exhaustion drove us to the wrong course in Michigan. Who knew there would be 2 Crestview Golf Courses equidistant from Grand Rapids?? Anyway, the folks at Crestview Golf Course in Zeeland, MI welcomed us and we had a grand time despite the botch.

June 30

Pewaukee Golf Course, Wisconsin - Wisconsin was a blast- not only did we see cranes and turkeys all over the Pewaukee Golf Club, but we stopped by the home of the 2017 US Open, Erin Hills Golf Course! The night in Janesville was equally nice, as we enjoyed dinner and a stay with Hayden's family friends, the Ryan's.

July 1

Jackson Heights Golf Course, Iowa - We headed out for Iowa the next morning, where we played Jackson Heights Golf Course, in the 125 person town of Jackson Junction. We enjoyed the free popcorn and our round with board member Claude. From Iowa we drove north to Minneapolis where we spent the night with the Leinbach's family, Fran, Oscar, and Tim.

July 2

Cedarholm Golf Course, Minnesota - Our Minnesota course was Roseville Cedarholm Golf Course, and we were lucky to be joined by Tim and Fran. Tim and Jack took down Hayden and Ted on the 8th hole in a riveting match! Afterwards, we checked out the Mall of America before making our way to Fargo, ND.

July 3

Osgood Golf Course, North Dakota - After our round at Osgood Golf Course we made our way towards South Dakota, stopping in various little towns along the way. We ended up meeting a young man named Denver who allowed us to pitch our tents on one of their empty pastures.

July 4

YMCA Lacroix Links, South Dakota - In the morning we drove to Rapid City, SD, where we played the lacroix Links Golf Course. The course is run by the local YMCA, and they offer unbeatable rates for adults and free golf for kids! That evening we drove out to the Badlands National Park, where wild bison, prairie dogs, coyotes, and porcupines joined us for a night of camping.

July 5

Sang Ridge Golf Course, Nebraska - From the Badlands we drove to Rushville, NE, and played the Sand Ridge Golf Course. The quaint little town was full of friendly folks, and Hayden and Jack played some of their best golf of the trip. After the round we booked it to Golden, CO, where we celebrated the 4th and crashed with Hayden's uncle Chris.

July 6

Airport Golf Club, Wyoming - We drove up to Cheyenne in the morning, where we had worked it out to play a country club. After being asked to put in collared shirts, we complied and got ready for our round. That wasn't enough, however, and we were told we were not welcome at their course for not following the dress code. Apparently dominos and leopard print shorts aren't allowed!! After getting the boot, we drove across the street and we're welcomed with open arms at Airport Golf Club. We were joined for our round by a professional golfer prepping for the Wyoming Open this weekend. Everyone cheer on Chris Winters!

City Park Nine, Colorado - From Cheyenne we drove south to Fort Collins, CO, where we met up with our friends Stan and Doug. Stan and Doug cohost the talk show Morning Cup of Golf, and have us on as guests every Saturday morning! After chatting, we played Dougs course City Park Nine Golf Course, our second round of the day. We made it to Denver last night and caught the Rockies-Reds game. It was quite a late night for us- we didn't get to bed until midnight!

July 7

River View Golf Course, New Mexico - In New Mexico Hayden used a bike instead of a cart, we enjoyed great views of the American southwest, and spent some quality time with an American Antelope. After the round we booked it to Lake Powell, Arizona for the night. 

July 8

Lake Powell Golf Course, Arizona - After camping we woke up and played at the Lake Powell National Golf Course, where we got some of the best scenery of the trip. Afterwards, we headed to the studio of 93 Jack FM and got interviewed by the local news station! From Arizona we drove north to Salt Lake City, Utah.

July 9

Golf The Round, Utah - After spending the night with the lovely Willy and Pam Littig, our hosts treated us to much needed massages before heading to the golf course. In Salt Lake we played Golf The Round while Colin took the Prius in for a bit of maintenance. We spent another night in Utah with Willy, Pam, and their chickens, and got to check out some historical sights of the Latter Day Saints.

July 10

Winnemuca Golf Course, Nevada - From Utah we drove to Winnemucca, NV, and played the Winnemucca Golf Course. The great folks at the pro shop stuck around for a bit to chat and treated us to a room at the Winners Hotel and Casino. After Ted and Hayden gambled away all our savings we woke up and drove west to Weed, California.

July 11

Weed Golf Course, California - In California we played the charming Weed Golf Course, which was quite challenging and provides amazing views of Mt. Shasta. Ted and Jack took some money from the course manager on holes 7, 8, and 9, and we met up with a local newspaper reporter on hole 6! That night we were invited to stay with Pablo Fernandez, the course superintendent, who has a place on course property. Pablo cooked us up a fantastic dinner and a somehow better breakfast, and from Weed we drove to Klamath Falls, OR.

July 12

Shield Crest Golf Course, Oregon - In Klamath Falls we played Shield Crest Golf Course, where it was Teddy's portrait day. Despite it being his big day, Ted came up short to brother and foe Jack, who won the match on the 8th hole. From Klamath we drove to Portland for the night.

July 13

Lakeview Par 3, Washington- Right across the river from Portland is Vancouver, Washington, where we were joined by host Anthony for our round at Lakeview Par 3. Hayden and Colin shot their trip best 1-over to beat Jack. After golf Anthony led the way to Cannon Beach in Oregon where surfed in the Pacific Ocean.

July 14

From Portland we took a day off and drove along the Oregon/Washington border to Clarkston, Washington, where we spent the night.  

July 15

Bryden Canyon Golf Course, Idaho - After our first day sans golf in a few weeks, we got up and played Bryden Canyon Golf Course with host Steve Heflin.  For an example of pure 'documentary gold', this course was directly adjacent to a local airport and Steve is a former pilot in the air force, so with planes flying overhead, Steve talked about his experiences in the cockpit and his deep love of flying.  GOLD!

Linda Vista Golf Course, Montana - After our round we were just dying to play some more, so we booked it to Missoula, Montana, and played our final course on the lower 48, Linda Vista Golf Course.  Two more to go, onwards to Alaska!

July 16


July 17


July 18 


July 19

Fox Hollow Golf Course, Alaska - The stop in Alaska was short but sweet. After a couple flight delays we got into anchorage at 1:30 am and got a ride and bed from friend of the film Robbie. In the morning we got dropped off at Fox Hollow Golf Course and enjoyed a slightly cold, slightly wet round. Despite the weather, and Ted getting hit by a wayward ball, we had a great time at a fun facility.

July 20

Kahuku Golf Course, Hawaii - 14 hours after our arrival in Alaska we boarded the plane for Hawaii. We arrived in Honolulu at 7:30pm and got picked up by our host Bill Martin. We met good friend James a couple hours later. The next morning was day 50, and we got to Kahuku Golf Course at 1pm. James joined us for our final round, and Kahuku proved to be one of our favorite courses. 

50 Days. 50 States. 50 Rounds of Golf.  

To all those who told us we can't,

We did.