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Starting in Maine and ending in Hawai’i, four friends will travel through 50 states in 50 days to play 50 rounds of golf. With barely enough money to live, a time constraint for the ages, and a car that’s not quite big enough, this adventurous — some may say foolhardy — team of twenty-somethings is nonetheless determined to show the side of golf most people don’t know.


If you take away the frills of the country club — the manicured grass, the bleached sand, the $500 driver — and strip the game of its elitism, golf is an accessible sport anyone can enjoy. It cultivates patience and precision and an awareness of your surroundings. It provides a unique competitive experience, as each player competes against the course rather than an opponent. It involves smashing a small, dimpled sphere through gravity, through one’s ideas of their own power, through the traditions of the ancient game itself, before it lands two, even three football fields away.


Golf is, above all else, awesome.


Of course, what makes golf especially fun is the people. 50 OVER is about golf, yes, but it’s about more than that. It’s about the golfers — men and women, young and old, even liberal and conservative. Golfers are diverse. As we set out to reveal another side of the sport, we know the characters we meet along the way will enlighten us, challenge us, surprise us, and ultimately make our journey a story worth turning into a film.


Every course we play will be public and cheap. Our living situation will be, well, not exactly Hollywood. We’ll be camping most of time, staying with friends and family when we can, and every few states splurging on the cheapest motel we can find. And our food options will similarly reflect the indie nature of our production. We’ll be roasting hot dogs, sharing items on the McDonald’s McPick 2 Menu, and, if we’re lucky, we’ll occasionally get a homecooked meal from family, friends, or golfers we meet along the way.


Through our journey across the U.S., we hope to provide not only a new perspective on the sport we love, but also a unique look at the country itself. From the rolling hills of New England to the tobacco fields of the South, from the cornfields of the Midwest to the deserts of the Southwest, from the tidewater glaciers of Alaska to the sandy beaches of Hawai’i, we’ll be documenting the way golf transcends geography and culture across 50 states.

50 OVER will thus be a film not just for golfers, but for anyone who loves the beauty and diversity of America. We hope you’ll follow us on our journey.